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PepQuery is a peptide-centric search engine for novel peptide identification and validation. Cancer genomics studies have identified a large number of genomic alterations that may lead to novel, cancer-specific protein sequences. Proteins resulted from these genomic alterations are attractive candidates for cancer biomarkers and therapeutic targets. The leading approach to proteomic validation of genomic alterations is to analyze tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) data using customized proteomics databases created from genomics data. Such analysis is time-consuming and requires thorough training and detailed knowledge in proteomics data analysis, leading to a gap between MS/MS data and the cancer genomics community. PepQuery does not require customized databases and allows quick and easy proteomic validation of genomic alterations. Learn More

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01/05/2018: Updated protein reference database for dataset PASS00215_jurcat in the web server.

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